Meditation is a self-healing process for body, mind and soul, and leads to health, happiness and long life. 

The Method of the Golden Flower is considered as universal technique for clarification of mind and attainment of higher consciousness.

This efficient and practical meditation technique results in a very short time to deliver effective results.
His objective and scientific approach makes it the ideal consciousness technique for our time!

Peter Todesco has adapted the Meditation of the Golden Flower to today’s circumstances and integrates the current teachings of living Masters of today. The doctrine of the Golden Flower is based on very old classic Taoist and Buddhist records of meditation and traditions of thousands of years old knowledge of Yoga and Ayurveda These methods were known long before our era in many spiritual traditions, but are generally forgotten.

The School of Meditation combines the two most important classic meditation manuals (1) Golden Flower & (2) Sutras from Patanjali.

(1) »The Secret Of The Golden Flower« (China 11-12th Century) is the most basic work that has ever been written on meditation. In extreme brevity and precise sharpness, it summarizes the Buddhist and Taoist methods of clarifying the Spirit scientifically and represents one of the most fundamental and advanced spiritual methods for the renewal of life energy. This technique is in direct evolutionary connection with the teachings of Yoga and Ayurveda. 

(2) »The Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali« (India 2nd century BC) forms the bridge of this ancient knowledge between India and China. Patanjali a “Siddha” of Kriya Yoga, explains in this classic canon in a few keywords of concentrated wisdom all Meditation Instructions of Yoga. The “Sutras of Patanjali” link even in the School of Meditation the Indian wisdom with the teachings of the “Golden Flower” from China.

»The Meditation of the Golden Flower« is suitable for all people to the same extent, because it is an absolutely direct way to clear the mind and build vital energy in all areas. It is easy to learn, can be practiced anywhere and helps in a short time, to a large degree of self-determination and was therefore always particularly appreciated in difficult times.

»The meditation method of the Golden Flower« with regular practice leads to health, happiness and long life. Meditation can be learned and practiced without prior knowledge, of any age, with any constitution, and in every situation in life. Meditation is independent of religion, affiliation or ideology. Real Meditation expands our consciousness for the benefit of all beings.

»Meditation fills our lives with meaning and content!« Through meditation, we connect with our soul, with the spirit which animates what is eternal in us, and is not limited by birth and death. The goal of meditation is to bring about a higher state of consciousness, which affects not only the meditation in the strict sense, but the whole way of life of the people involving. A disciplined meditation practice is the best contribution for own peace of mind, and thus to peace in the world.

»The Meditation of the Golden Flower« is a clear and practical guide to spiritual growth and to increase the energy of life. The exact application of this pragmatic and empirical method leads of itself to the verifiable confirmation experiences that help the modern human being as a condition for living a fulfilling and harmonious life.         

»The Practice of the Meditation of the Golden Flower« is embedded in the context of the »Philosophy of Immortality«. Regular accurate practice connects us with our original immortal spirit and gives us so a new understanding of reality. Simple precise techniques develop increasingly self-healing, regenerating, rejuvenating and life-prolonging effects when used consistently. Meditation leads to lasting happiness and unconditional love

Peter Todesco has designed this »Meditation Website« as a contemporary and for all comprehensible »Meditation Handbook«. Verify your interest here with the »Short Instruction« or a free »Trial Lesson« with me at the »Course location«. Deepen your meditation practice in weekly workshops and in his Intensive Training »Consciousness and Meditation«.

Meditation is the greatest gift you can give yourself and the world.

School of Meditation
Peter Todesco



Zurich – Near University | 2nd & 4th Monday 19.00 – 20.00 | Meetup Group Zurich

Wetzikon ZH – Near Station Wednesday 19.30 – 20.30 |Meetup Group Wetzikon

Uster ZH – Near Station | Thursday 19.00 – 20.00 | Meetup Group Uster

Individual Dates and Places on demand | Calendar Dates see Meetup Group

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