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»This requires scientific exploration and understanding of the “undivided consciousness”«.

We have brought forth in the West until today no own meditation technique. This is largely because without appropriate culturally based practice we can develop no understanding and no language for it to describe and evaluate the materially not comprehensible areas, especially the thoughtless consciousness, of this discipline. There are no Western Meditation Techniques to reach Eastern Methods in depth and transforming power.

The neurosciences, brain research with medicine and biology, do not offer great support, but measuring results with long-term meditators, can prove the impact on the physical body. The subtle body can be be derived from the Kirlian photography, but for medical research has not yet been established. Concerning the subtle mind it becomes even more difficult. We are able to measure brain waves in their quality, and thus demonstrate alertness and relaxation states of the brain, but nevertheless there is a clear lack of evidence for a consciousness independent from the physical body. Further research in collaboration with the spiritual sciences starts here.

A large body of knowledge for a deeper understanding can be found in the numerous translations of Eastern texts by Thomas Cleary, especially in his translation (from the original Chinese to English) of the classical meditation manual of Taoism: »The Secret of The Golden Flower«. Also in the explanations to the same basic text by the author Jürgen Scheibe there are many further supportive additions (download on http://www.ottonamenlos.de/. In the western scientific and psychoanalytic context is however still a great need for research to develop our own Western Meditation Culture and Tradition. A good basis for this exists in Germany by the interdisciplinary conferences on meditation and consciousness research http://meditation-wissenschaft.org/.

Of course there are enough branches in the West for all teachings from the East: Kriya Yoga, Hinduism, Hare Krishna, Kung Fu, Tibetan Tantra, Tao Yoga, Chan Buddhism, and not at least Zen Buddhism. Her teachers and gurus offer us Eastern meditation techniques to traditional succession. Our adoption attempts have been unsuccessful because of the cultural and language difficulties. Even the Asian martial arts having great dissemination in the West relate their philosophy from the knowledge and application of specific meditation tradition of their origin. They all have developed their own profound meditation technique which transforms the whole human being and let us become whole. Detached from the cultural context, these meditation methods are hardly understandable. It always amazes me what is offered to us all under the title “Meditation”. We need to give up our consumerism attitude if we want to understand meditation.

The goal of human perfection, since the Renaissance has fallen into disrepute and no longer in the West have been pursued. Sigmund Freud, C.G. Jung and many other great minds in the last century have created new foundations out of them we can continue to establish in the West an equally comprehensive wholeness, Jung called it »Individuation«, as known in the Far East for more than two thousand years. The Chilean neurobiologist »Francisco Varela« a leading figure in the field of cognitive science, began together with HH The Dalai Lama interdisciplinary collaboration ‘Mind and Life’, which started the outstanding dialogue between East and West in the consciousness research. One focus of Varela’s work was to create a bridge between the insights of the mind in science and the discoveries of the mind in experience.

For these reasons I am committed to co-create with my »study program«, including the ancient traditions of the East, a new “Western Meditation Technique”, which allows us to go our own way, we have to complete and develop it further with our own spiritual qualities, and shape and accomplish it as “Western  Meditation Method, our own masterpiece in the West. Since I have not found a more appropriate name for it, it seems legitimate to me to use the name of this ancient handbook »Golden Flower« to offer my instructions, because this name as image accurately illustrate the criteria of a successful meditation.

Background of these web pages is my effort to reshape the classical tradition into understandable instructions to enable anyone to develop itself into a spiritual and holistic human being. Behind this is no secret, most of that wisdom have long been known. The Western society, is characterized by the dominance of capitalism and consumerism economy, and the spiritual dimension is pushed into the background. And that’s why it takes extraordinary and determined effort across society and individually to apply the necessary discipline for achieving real spiritual progress. The turn to spirituality in the early 20th Century, with the first “New Age” initiated by the Theosophists, has now become more of a consumer product or service in the wellness area and is stuck on the move and largely returned to materialism. That can not be the purpose of our search for knowledge and certainty.

Any spiritual experience and development include diligence, perseverance, patience, discipline and effort. Even utilizing mind-altering drugs (used since immemorial time by people to get in touch with God), spiritual alignment and consistent mental preparation is necessary for a profitable uplifting and beautiful experience. It is therefore natural that meditation requires a commitment and a decision for a spiritual life with spiritual quality.

Please use these sites like an encyclopedia or a book as source of information !

Do not get hold of their wealth of information to »contact« me, finding out in personal exchange how far and in what form you want to participate in this project or in my »Study Program«.

Simplicity can be harder than complexity. But Complexity transformed into »Simplicity«, can move mountains.

I hereby would like to cordially invite you to get in »touch« with me, regardless of tradition and religion to which you belong. The classic meditation as a neutral technique and method, results for each person to a deeper knowledge of his own origins and divinity, and thus promotes peace and harmony of all beings.

I am pleased and excited about every encounter, and I will always take time for this.
Peter Todesco

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