the secret of the golden flower


 Meditation is a proven technique used by many cultures, to put conscious attention to one’s own
consciousness processes, so as to gain insights into the inner relationships of the human condition.

Immortality in the form of reincarnation is a majority-accepted fact and not just a dream of mankind. On this basis, I constitute my »Philosophy of Immortality«. The meditation method that I offer, can prove this background and can you make experience it, but is independent of any ideology. 

At the Taoists and the Kriya Yogis I discovered »techniques of youthfulness, longevity and immortality«, which are also still with us by the late Christian Gnostics of the 20th Century where they can be found if you understand the secret language. The alchemists in the context of Christianity had to hide their secrets long time before the church, and subsequently have no more been taken seriously from science and general public, they also possessed the secrets of eternal youth, longevity and immortality. Read the latest advances to this topic on my web page »Alchemy«. Even the Chinese Taoists have chosen a veiled description which could be interpreted only under guidance of a master.

These techniques describe a way of life that runs completely differently than we’re used to. Yet nothing mysterious or incomprehensible it is to be found. The Western science has provided from the various study results of long-term meditators and Tai Chi and Kung Fu masters, evidence of the great potential of these techniques. Meditation is a proven technique used by many cultures, to put conscious attention to one’s own consciousness processes, so as to gain insights into the inner relationships of the human condition.

To make this knowledge accessible to all people, it needs a renewal of the teaching methods of earlier ages. After many years of searching, trying out and comparing the many different methods and techniques, I created a »Study Program« wich explains the knowledge of the »Golden Flower« on a scientific basis but easy to understand and shows how we can apply it in modern life.

Please read my »Short Instruction«.

Understandably, still very few people free of concerns and full of joy want to live a long life. Most of them are optimistic and successful individuals who would like to live longer in order to deepen their strong intellectual and spiritual interests and continue to live a meaningful life. The majority, however, experience aging as a loss of energy and vitality, even if they neither miss good health or material things.  

A silent agreement says that at some point we will be pulled out of circulation through a defect of our body.
We are in no way prepared for a life of indestructibility, even though our body  is designed for it.

Nevertheless a rapidly expanding number of spiritually interested people consider the possibility to live for ever. This shift of paradigm has taken place in the last two decades and has developed as a new world view (paradigm) in many gradations and established. To me this is an indication of the coming changes that were predicted by many prophets.

Reports and documents from reliable witnesses can always be found, which tell of people who are supposed to have lived an unusually long period of time. Even the Bible in the Old Testament talks about men almost a thousand years old; from Adam up to Noah’s sons, the majority have become over 900 years old. Numbers are usually subject to any translation errors.

The overpopulation as the main argument against immortality is needless for two reasons: first, not everybody is enabled and determined to achieve this goal, since it is also question of character with best conditions for achieving this state of vitality, and secondly immortals usually give birth to no more children.

For me one of the great mysteries of human history is the fact that most people spend their lives in partial slavery, and little room remains for self-determination, unless they go to the edge of our society. Again and again, a few powerful and wealthy families and individuals supported by advertising and other media are capable to exploit and make dependent all others. Totalitarian governments use repression, death threats and murder, western democracies unemployment, public debt and inflation.

In this environment, it is still very difficult to exemplify more humane ways of living and to pass it. Nevertheless, it seems to me that rethinking starts to happen globally. Since the revolutions in the Arab world and the American and European protests from the impoverished population hope grows, that the old tyrant must relinquish one day.

Through my philosophy I will to help to establish a more humane and less hostile attitude for all individuals and with this new attitude to life work out a new policy, a sustainable economy and a human-serving form of money.

This knowledge I would like to present to a small circle of people seriously interested in
and pass it on in my study program »Consciousness and Meditation«.
Peter Todesco

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